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  • Eliz Watanabe @ Endeavour Cove 1-9-2016

    ELIZ WATANABE **LIVE** @Endeavour Cove

    This gem wandered into Second Life from Texas, where she nurtured her singing and piano playing for most of her first life, in the process earning many awards for her talent. Eliz has been performing in second life for two years now and loving every minute of it. ELiz loves all kinds of music and loves to sing country, pop, jazz and lots of love songs and even a blues number or two along with some broadway tunes mixed in. Jaws drop and romance begins when this lady sings. Eliz is what happens when talent and class dance together!

    Enjoy your Saturday night with us…explore & discover Endeavour Cove… :))

  • Owen Ruby @ Endeavour Cove 1-9-2016

    OWEN RUBY **LIVE** @ Endeavour Cove! 1-9-2016

    Owen Ruby has had a love of music since childhood which has lead to a love of performing. Owen is one of the most promising upcoming performers in SL, always leaving his audiences wanting more.

    His influences include the likes of Jamie Callum, Michael Buble, Jason Mraz, Garth Brooks and Jack Johnson just to name a few. You will fully appreciate Owen’s talents at one of his live shows.

  • YouTube Video ~ JaggPro McCann singing ‘Home Among the Gum Trees’ @ Endeavour Cove

    Robert69 Little dropped by the Cove last night and created a fantastic video of our Jagg singing the Cove favorite, ‘Home Among the Gum Trees’.  It was remarkable timing as Jagg was performing on the very special set RichD Tomsen had created just for him and this song!  The set has all the elements of the song.  Come back next Saturday night @ 9 p.m. slt to see it first hand.  We’ll keep the special set up for a little while longer.  We get our weekly Jagg fix every Saturday night at 9 p.m. slt @ Endeavour Cove.

    Thank you, Robert, so very much for capturing this special moment in our SL lives.  We’ll enjoy watching it over and over.

    Pssttt…..can you guess who the bushwoman is?

    It’s fun to do a YouTube search on Endeavour Cove…you’ll be surprised.  I enjoy the memories of all those events and fine performances.  It still amazes me all the wonderful talent performing live in SL.

    Enjoy and … “Explore & Discover”!