• Blue4u Nowicka ~~LIVE~~ @ Endeavour Cove 3-21-2014

    Here us SL’s Blues Lady of the Night, Blue4U Nowicka, Nominee for Favorite Blues Performer in the 2013 Avi Choice Awards! She does a special hour “live” show for us. Groove listening to Blue4U’s special sound on the Endeavour Main Stage. Blue4U plays some amazing slide guitar for you! With her uniquely sounding voice and original interpretation, Blue4U will lull you, groove you and rock you. She plays all from memory, so there is no waiting time to pull up lyrics or music. A regular at many of the longest standing festivals in the U.S., she has opened for James Peterson, Andrew Junior Boy Jones, Miss Blues, and Watermelon Slim. Although known for blues, she can play a wide range of music. She is a life long performer and recording artist with 3 CD’s and 23 original songs to her credit widely available including itunes, spotify and rhapsody by Debbie Henning

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    • Antonio Galloway ~~LIVE~~ AT Endeavour Cove 12-28-2013

      Antonio Galloway is an experienced Master of the great American Standards, which he has been singing in RL for over 20 years.  It is just fantastic to hear someone with his rich voice sing the wonderful songs of the Rat Pack LIVE to you in SL while you dance and chat with him.  Let us warn you now….he can talk as well as sing.  Explore and Discover…The Live Music, The Shopping, The Adventure that is Endeavour Cove!

      Rich, sexy voice plus personality = Real Entertainment.  Growing up in the hometown of Dean Martin, Antonio had naturally been influenced heavily by the cool stylings of Dean and Frank Sinatra. Classically trained, and having recorded and performed across the country, you will hear tunes from all across the musical landscape: Rat Pack standards, Elvis Presley’s classics, Italian love songs, Broadway show stoppers, powerful ballads, swing tunes that will get your feet dancing, and of course love songs from yesterday to today.  Explore and Discover…The Live Music, The Shopping, The Adventure that is Endeavour Cove!

      Formal dress is required.  Explore & Discover all Endeavour Cove has to offer, as you listen to Antonio’s great vocals.

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      • Video ~ ICHIE KAMACHI ~~LIVE~~ @ Endeavour Cove!

        Appearing Live at Endeavor Coves Brand new Ballroom

        There is a reason Ichie has been dubbed “The Voice” by her fans. With a voice reminiscent of such Jazz greats as Nina Simone and Billy Holliday, this songstress has made a name for herself in SL with her repretoire of jazz and blues.  That is not all she does however, an Ichie show may also include country, pop, light rock, hawaiian and her trademark “Naughty Song”. Doing both covers and originals written by herself and other SL musicians, Ichie may be one of the most versatile performers in Second Life. If you are looking for a voice that is sultry, sensuous, and as smooth as butter, who can both chill out a room and heat it to a frenzy, look no further. With a heart as big as her voice, I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

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        • BLINDBOINK PARHAM, The Country Bluesman, LIVE @ Endeavour Cove 12/04/13


          Hear the country blues of the Piedmont & Delta, raw and honest music of life spanning the decades. It’s a rare and difficult music to play, and “the Country Bluesman” has spent his life learning and honing his mastery of it. Feel it’s intoxicating rhythms take you over and transport you through time. It’s as valid today as it was yesterday. There’s nothing like it, and Mick is the only one in SL to exclusively play it. As a child in Appalachia, Mick Martin (Blindboink Parham in SL) grew up listening to the mountain music that was a natural part of his surroundings, which is evident in his unique sound and guitar picking style – it’s true “Country Blues”. If you like Early Blues, Real Blues, Robert Johnson, Gary Davis, Blind Boy Fuller, Taj Mahall and many others, then come listen to the blues the way that they were played 80 years ago. Explore & Discover the real country blues Wednesdays @ 6 p.m. on the Main Stage @ Endeavour Cove. Earpoint (159,30,24)

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          • Video ~ Harmonia Trefoil Sings “Without The Fanfare” live

            Harmonia Sings Live on our main stage at our Las Vegas night at Endeavour Cove Mall and Performing Arts center.

            Harmonia’s fans say this “One of the best voices I have heard in SL.” She is one of the premier singers in SL with many successful shows in SL. She sings on our Main Stage every other Wednesday night. Her style is a blend of country, standards, pop and oldies.  She has a fan group with over 1000 members. She also does trivia so you can win some LINDENS.

            Endeavour cove has been bringing you LIVE music for over 4 years and is dedicated to supporting performers in SL. We also have some of the TOP designers and creators featured in our mall.  Come to the earpoint sim and enjoy an afternoon of shopping and then show off your new fashions while enjoying an evening of fabulous live performances by some of the top singers in all of SL

            Endeavour Cove ~ Explore and Discover


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              We all know that sl market place makes it easy to find what you are looking for but are you missing out on the little gems that make the difference of what second live offers.  Here at Endeavour Cove I have searched and visited many shops to find items that I would like to find in my home and clothes I would like to wear.   This search continues and will not stop till I fill Endeavour with the best that sl offers.  Many are not the famous designers but people who have brilliant talent and ideas.  Endeavour Cove is well known for bringing you good Live Entertainment and a good time with friendly people to meet and a great staff.  Rich and Eve are committed to continue this venture.  If you love SL live entertainment please support the shops that help to make it happen.  We work hard for you and Endeavour will become a place of enjoyment for all your needs.  Take a look around and see all the fun things that can be done here.  This is an introduction to the new shopping experience with more to come.  I will keep you up to date on what is here and all the sales and specials to come.  We do not stop until we are not good but are sensational and invite you to enjoy the journey with us.


              Mall Manager

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              • YouTube Video ~ JaggPro McCann singing ‘Home Among the Gum Trees’ @ Endeavour Cove

                Robert69 Little dropped by the Cove last night and created a fantastic video of our Jagg singing the Cove favorite, ‘Home Among the Gum Trees’.  It was remarkable timing as Jagg was performing on the very special set RichD Tomsen had created just for him and this song!  The set has all the elements of the song.  Come back next Saturday night @ 9 p.m. slt to see it first hand.  We’ll keep the special set up for a little while longer.  We get our weekly Jagg fix every Saturday night at 9 p.m. slt @ Endeavour Cove.

                Thank you, Robert, so very much for capturing this special moment in our SL lives.  We’ll enjoy watching it over and over.

                Pssttt…..can you guess who the bushwoman is?

                It’s fun to do a YouTube search on Endeavour Cove…you’ll be surprised.  I enjoy the memories of all those events and fine performances.  It still amazes me all the wonderful talent performing live in SL.

                Enjoy and … “Explore & Discover”!

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                • Taking It to the Next Level @ Endeavour Cove

                  Hello to all our Mates from RichD Tomsen and Eve Compton at Endeavour Cove. It’s a new day at the Cove with the best crew ever who will help us take Endeavour Cove to the next level! Help us make Endeavour Cove one of the best places in SL to enjoy yourself. Let me introduce you to the top three members of our crew.

                  Ipona (Epona) Doowangle is the hostess with the mostess in all of SL. I’ve never found one better! Witty, fun, unpredictable, and kind-hearted….she keeps the beat going at the Cove. She also works as an Endeavour Cove Mall Manager to decorate and make the Cove festive, welcoming and fresh. I could go on, but she wouldn’t want me to tell you everything!  Endeavour Cove is the place to come where everyone knows your name because of our Ipona.  She keeps the chat lively and comfortable for all to feel to home as we say here in the South.  Due to her dedication, long hours, and personality, Ipona helps to make Endeavour Cove one of the best live music venues on the SL grid.  I always enjoy attending a concert more if Ipona is hosting!

                  Saffron Seranade is in charge of the Cove’s every-day-of-the-year Live Music Program. She plays such a critical role @ the Cove….and she does it in a stupendous way!  Ever inventive….always bringing fresh ideas to play….making the Cove one of the best places to work either as a performer or a host.  As our Live Music Manager, she brings in a great variety of some of the best live music talent in SL. Plus, the Cove is a great place to begin your live music career in SL with the support of Saffron, Ipona, and all the rest of us – whether you are a new performer or host. Saffron has a delightful, upbeat personality, giving heart, and loving nature in addition to great organizational skills. Never fear, Saffron is here to manage our live music schedule and listings. They try to control any damage which I can do to muddle it all up.

                  Now here’s the surprising introduction, as all of you already know that Endeavour Cove could not exist without it’s great crew supporting the live music program…..drumroll please….sound the trumpets. We have the great pleasure of introducing Angelica Garnet as Endeavour Cove Mall Manager extraordinaire.  God gave this woman the gift of sales….either you have it or you have to try to learn it!  Angelica has it in spades PLUS she brings to the table her organizational skills and focus honed by her RL experience in sales.  I can truly say I have never met a better person in sales than Angelica.  She is in charge of managing and renting the shops, marketing and promotions.  We call her Annie.  Please give her a great big welcome and all of your suggestions.

                  RichD and I never dreamed we would be so blessed with the crew and family that makes Endeavour Cove the special place it has become.  It brings tears to my eyes thinking of all the special people part of our lives now.  We love them all and count our blessings for them.  Endeavour Cove would not be what it is today without them.  With Annie, IP, Saffi, the rest of our wonderful crew, our wonderful group of performers and vendors, and friends and supporters, Endeavour Cove is going to the next level.  Let’s see if we can become a Second Life Destination in 2012!   And my number one blessing is RichD Tomsen himself….the most wonderful man I have ever met except for my father.

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                  • Endeavour Cove Gothic Look Promotion

                    9/13/2008 At the Stella Silvansky Concert on the main stage at Endeavour Cove, Zandra Fraisse’s new Unscrupulous outfit in her Femme Fatale line was combined with Indigo Ink’s (Lyman Wilder) Celtic Cross for Women to make a scandalizing look. Silver shoes made by Ishtar Ihnen of Hibuscus completed the outfit.  RichD used the raffle ball system to award prizes donated by our generous vendors for this look.

                    If you would like to view the other photos in the Gothic Look photoshoot,http://picasaweb.google.com/Eve.Compton/20080914GothicLookZanLymanIshtar?authkey=LqTvxX3j6KU#

                    Hoo roo, evie

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                    • Welcome to Endeavour Cove!


                      RichD Tomsen and I invite you to visit Endeavour Cove in Second Life, a lovely old board walk on the Linden Ocean. You will find many lovely shops to browse, water sports, arcade games, and a lively calendar of live concerts sponsored by the Endeavour Cove Performing Arts Association.

                      The theme of our spot on the Linden Ocean encourages you to explore and discover in your Second Life and Real Life…to expand your horizons…to make your own great Endeavour! The HMB Endeavour was the ship used to explore and discover Australia and New Zealand.

                      There is a great replica of the Endeavour in Australia to visit. Watch this video visit at YouTube:
                      ANZac bridge to HMB Endeavour on electric bike – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nKX-BZ9hgSc.

                      Cheers, Mates

                      Evie & RichD

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